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Pot-loving Youtube user Jason Pelletier and his wife, Stephanie Pelletier, were busted by Las Vegas cops after posting videos of his marijuana grow room, police say. Image: Buddynuggets78 via Youtube
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Youtube star's marijuana videos tip off Las Vegas cops

Sep 30, 2014


New York Daily News - Jason Pelletier posted weekly updates of his indoor weed farm, using the pseudonym Buddynuggets78 before narcotics officers raided his Nevada home, police say.

It probably seemed like a good idea when he was stoned.

A pot-loving Youtube star led Las Vegas cops to his door after posting videos of his marijuana-growing operation online, police said.
“This is my Las Vegas garden,” user Buddynuggets78 said in one video as the camera swept across row after row of pot plants. “I have moved to Las Vegas, and this is my 12,000-watt room at the moment.”
The oversharing weed farmer loaded a dozen videos, racking up more than 1 million views — including more than a few from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.
Narcotics officers raided the house-turned-film set on Friday, rolling up the garage door to reveal a familiar scene of marijuana plants growing under artificial lights, KLAS-TV reported.
Buddynuggets78 is really 35-year-old Jason Pelletier, according to police. His “brazen” operation stunned even longtime cops.
“In my opinion, the most arrogant of all of them I’ve seen,” Lt. Laz Chavez told KLAS.
Pelletier, who was arrested along with wife Stephanie Pelletier, did little to cover his tracks.
He brags in his Youtube bio about winning first place in the 2012 “Kush Expo” in Los Angeles and includes links to a Facebook page with his real name.
The videos included “product reviews” and weekly updates on the illicit garden as viewers were treated to a tour of his varied crop.
“Everything is coming along awesome,” he said in one video. “I’ve got absolutely no complaints.”
Pelletier was jailed Friday on numerous possession charges.
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