Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana (cannabis) is arranged for a photograph inside the Evergreen Apothecary in Denver, Colorado, U.S., in this Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014 file photo. Both Colorado and Washington State legalized the commercial production, sale, and recreational use of marijuana Photographer: Matthew Staver/Bloomberg
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SABJ readers open to the idea of legalizing marijuana, survey says

Oct 2, 2014


San Antonio Business Journal  An informal, non-scientific poll conducted by the San Antonio Business Journal shows that 59 percent of poll participants believe the legalization of marijuana could be an important source of tax revenue for state and local governments.
Last week, we asked readers whether Texas should consider legalizing recreational pot smoking. What prompted the question was a NerdWallet study that suggested that Texas could pull in an additional $166 million in sales tax revenue annually by legalizing and taxing cannabis. Nationwide, the U.S. could generate an additional $3 billion in various taxes, according to NerdWallet.
What do you think? There is still time to vote in the poll. It closes Tuesday, Sept. 30 at noon. Click here to cast your vote.

“If you choose to consume please do so responsibly.”  

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