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Florida nurseries wanting to grow medical marijuana to begin applying

Jun 24, 2015 -    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Nurseries across Florida can begin submitting their applications to grow medical marijuana on Wednesday.

The state plans to chose five nurseries that will be allowed to grow marijuana to produce Charlotte's Web, a special oil form of medical marijuana.
But Channel 9 found out that the process to apply is so intense that it could take six more months before the nurseries are growing anything.
Gov. Rick Scott signed the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act in June 2014, but Charlotte's Web is still not available.
"You're growing a whole new industry in Florida and these things don't come easily," said Louis Rotundo, with the Florida Medical Cannabis Association.
The state has been divided into five regions and one nursery from each region will be given a license to grow. The cost to apply is $60,000 and nurseries will have to prove they have the money and infrastructure to grow the marijuana.
"I would say at a minimum, you're going to need $6 to $15 million," Rotundo said.
The nurseries will also be required to pay $150,000 in licensing fees. According to Rotundo, very few nurseries have the money to take on production of Charlotte's Web.
Once the marijuana begins growing, it will be another 12 to 16 weeks before the plants can be cultivated. Charlotte's Web isn't expected to be made available to patients until mid 2016.
Rotundo said it's unclear how many Florida nurseries plan to apply for the license.

“If you choose to consume, please do so responsibly.” 

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