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John Morgan at UCF Rally (Image from WESH video)
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Florida college campus-by-campus medical marijuana bus tour kicks off at UCF

Oct 8, 2014


WESH.com - ORLANDO, Fla. —John Morgan is leading a campus-by-campus bus tour across the Sunshine State to encourage people to vote yes on Amendment 2.

In front of a crowd of University of Central Florida students on Monday morning, the local attorney who has invested at least $4 million into the United For Care campaign to approve medical marijuana was joined by his brother, Tim Morgan.
A quadriplegic since age 18, he said medical marijuana has helped where other, more addictive and damaging pain medicines have failed.
"I was on Oxycontin. I smoke pot now. I eat chocolate. There are no drugs involved. It's a no-brainer," Tim Morgan said. "It's all about compassion."
"I'm in favor of it because I have seen family members suffer from diseases that are ridiculously painful and horrifying," said Molly Mitchell, who supports Amendment 2.
While students were crowding around voter registration tables, not all on campus support Amendment 2. Some worry it could be more dangerous than alcohol and prescription drug abuse.
"It could also cause a lot of unwanted behavior. It could lead to more students getting high," said Shay Sheffield, who opposes Amendment 2.
The amendment requires 60 percent voter approval, and right now, polls indicate it will be close.
"You know, I'm counting on the truth. And I'm counting on people being compassionate because at the end of the day, we all get to go into that booth and click that button," John Morgan said.

“If you choose to consume, please do so responsibly.”  

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