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Dog High On Marijuana: Disturbing Video Shows How Marijuana Effected A Siberian Husky, Footage Goes Viral

Jul 7, 2015


Inquistr -   Warning: Video contains graphic footage that may be offensive to some users.

On Sunday, June 28, a disturbing clip of a dog high on marijuana was uploaded to YouTube. The video is a relatively graphic example of the daunting effects marijuana can have on dogs.
According to the Daily Mail, the Siberian Husky had gotten into his owner’s marijuana, but the dog definitely had no clue what he was ingesting because the marijuana was disguised in a Rice Krispie treat. It’s not uncommon for dogs to eat food or foreign objects they’ve found, and many dog owners are probably unaware of everything their dog ingests. However, this particular dog owner quickly figured out what his Husky had gotten into, and the discovery explained the dog’s condition.
The publication reports that the video was initially uploaded to Youtube by Tony Costa Movies. A detailed description about the incident was also included with the video.
“This guy loves to get into things. After investigating we established that he had went [sic] into one of our friends bag and ate his Rice Krispie treat filled with marijuana.”
The two-minute video begins with the owner holding his limp dog. The disturbing video captures the Husky with glazed eyes and his tongue hanging out. Apparently, the dog was unable to put his tongue back in his mouth.
“Come on, put your tongue back in your mouth,” the owner said to the dog.
At one point, the dog lunges forward as if he’s trying to vomit, but to no avail. It’s also obvious that the dog cannot hold himself up, and it’s up to the dog owner to keep the dog steady. The unresponsive dog, who has to be propped up repeatedly, barely even blinks throughout the video.
The description also included an update about the dog’s condition the following day. Apparently, the effects didn’t wear off quickly, but the dog did return to his normal state later that next evening.
“After contacting our veterinarian friends, we knew it was just a waiting game. We kept careful watch on him for the next 20 hours. The next morning he was still high and able to walk, by that evening he was back to normal running around. And today he is back to getting into things again, guess he didn’t learn his lesson.”
Although some viewers have voiced concerns about the video, blaming the owner for the dog’s condition, it’s quite obvious the owner was very concerned about the dog’s disturbing behavior. But some still feel the owner should be held accountable for animal cruelty although the incident was accidental.
Do you think the owner should be blamed for the dog being high on marijuana? Share your thoughts.

“If you choose to consume, please do so responsibly.” 

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