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New billboards urge parents to keep marijuana edibles out of the reach of children. (Photo: 9NEWS)
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New ads aimed at marijuana edibles

Nov 26, 2014


9News -  DENVER - The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) unveiled new billboards urging parents to keep their marijuana edibles out of the reach of children.

The ads are part of the Marijuana Policy Project's 'Consume Responsibly' campaign.
The new ad shows a child peeking over a kitchen counter at what could be a glass of wine or grape juice and a plate of cookies that might or might not be infused with marijuana. The ad reads, "Some juices and cookies are not meant for kids. Keep 'adult snacks' locked up and out of reach."
Jane West, a mother of two, marijuana consumer and director of a marijuana organization, said, "We need to treat marijuana like any other product that is legal for adults and not meant for children. A marijuana-infused cookie might look like a regular cookie to my 4-year-old, just as a glass of wine might look just like grape juice."
"Whether it's marijuana, alcohol, or household cleaning products, it's our job as parents to keep them locked up and out of reach," West stated.
MPP spokesman Mason Tvert said, "Issues such as over-consumption and accidental ingestion are not unique to marijuana, and a lot can be learned from how we handle other legal products. These problems can be addressed through marijuana education."
The new ad can be seen on a billboard located at 153 Kalamath St.
The MPP also put up a billboard in Seattle, its first in Washington state. Washington legalized recreational pot sales in 2013.
The MPP said it will raise billboards in Oregon and Alaska too. Those states approved recreational marijuana sales earlier this month.

“If you choose to consume, please do so responsibly.” 

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