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New York medical marijuana licenses awarded to 5 companies

Aug 4, 2015


New York Business Journal -   Out of five organizations approved to operate facilities to grow, process and distribute marijuana in New York state. The winning applicants are Bloomfield Industries Inc., Columbia Care NY LLC, Empire State Health Solutions, Etain LLC and PharmaCann LLC.

Empire State Health Solutions plans to produce medical marijuana at the Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center in Perth, a town about 40 miles northwest of Albany in Fulton County. Empire State Health Solutions has partnered with Vireo Health LLC, a medical cannabis company based in Minnesota.
Kyle Kingsley, CEO of both companies, said in an email statement that Empire State Health Solutions would be ready to serve patients in January.
"With our medical and scientific approach, in addition to our experience with medical cannabis in Minnesota, we have the expertise to produce medicine that doctors and patients can count on," Kingsley said.
Etain and Empire State Health Solutions plan to open dispensary sites in Albany County, as does PharmaCann. Other counties with planned manufacturing sites are Orange County for PharmaCann, Monroe for Columbia Care NY and Queens for Bloomfield Industries Inc.
There were 43 applicants for the licenses. New York's medical marijuana law allows the organizations to operate up to four dispensaries, and the locations will have to be spread across the state.
Patients with illnesses including cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and HIV/AIDS will be eligible to access marijuana on the recommendation of a physician. The doctor must undergo training and register with the Health Department.
The full list of dispensary and manufacturing sites and the companies that will operate them are:
  • Columbia Care NY LLC
    • Manufacturing: Monroe
    • Dispensing: New York, Suffolk, Clinton, Monroe
  • Etain, LLC
    • Manufacturing: Warren
    • Dispensing: Albany, Ulster, Westchester, Onondaga
  • Empire State Health Solutions
    • Manufacturing: Fulton
    • Dispensing: Broome, Albany, Westchester, Queens
  • PharmaCann LLC
    • Manufacturing: Orange
    • Dispensing: Erie, Onondaga, Albany, Bronx
  • Bloomfield Industries Inc.
    • Manufacturing: Queens
    • Dispenesing: Nassau, New York, Onondaga, Erie

“If you choose to consume, please do so responsibly.”

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