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First Day Of Legal Sales In Washington State

Jul 8, 2014
They haven’t run out of all supply yet but the manager of a cannabis store in Bellingham says it has been a hectic first day of sales.
She says one strain of the drug is completely gone but Top Shelf Cannabis did anticipate that and they are looking to get more in.
“We’ve had a constant steady stream now. We have never had a moment where people aren’t walking through that door constantly. Our cashiers are constantly doing stuff, we’re constantly helping customers,” explains Manager Sigrid Williams.
She says about 10 to 20 per cent of people there have been Canadians but people have been lining up from all over.
“Our first customer was from Kansas, we’ve had people from Colorado, we’ve had people from Idaho, we’ve had people from all over the US,” she says.
Other stores near the border crossings are expected to open later but weren’t legally ready for today.
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