Oregon's Finest, a dispensary in the Pearl District, Oct. 28, 2014. Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian Beth Nakamura
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Blue Dream proves popular marijuana strain in Portland, while Trainwreck reigns in Eugene, according to Leafly

Oct 31, 2014


The Oregonian -  Walk into most medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon and you're bound to find Blue Dream and Blackberry Kush on the shelf. You’ll likely spot Blue Magoo, Jack Herer and Cinex, too.

Turns out those are the most commonly stocked marijuana strains in Oregon dispensaries, according to Leafly, an online guide to marijuana strains and dispensaries.
Leafly, a 4-year-old Seattle company, regularly churns out charts detailing the tastes, search habits and pricing of marijuana based on information it collects on its site. Dispensaries pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands a month to have their stock and price lists updated, as well as promoted on the site. In Oregon, company representatives said about 75 percent of medical marijuana dispensaries pay to have their strain menus and prices included on Leafly.
At The Oregonian’s request, Leafly crunched the search terms used by Oregon marijuana consumers and their pot preferences. While not official, the information offers an unscientific glimpse into their tastes and search habits. The analysis looked at a 30-day period beginning in the middle of September. (Oregon, company representatives said, ranks fifth in visits to Leafly after California, Washington, Colorado and Arizona.)
By the numbers
Average cost of medical marijuana per gram:
Oregon -- $9.90
Washington -- $10.26
Colorado -- $10.42
California -- $14.43
Arizona -- $15.41
Top 5 strains carried by dispensaries in Oregon vs. U.S.
1. Blue Dream
2. Blackberry Kush
3. Jack Herer
4. Cinex
5. Blue Magoo
All States
1. Blue Dream
2. Sour Diesel
3. Girl Scout Cookies
4. Bubba Kush
5. OG Kush
Among the results: Portland’s pot crowd searches for Blue Dream more than any other strain. In Eugene, Trainwreck tops the list of most searched-for strains. And a gram of pot is relatively cheap in Oregon compared to Colorado or Washington.
Other findings: The top conditions Oregon consumers want to treat include a host of mental health issues such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder – none of which are considered qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Other health problems that people want to treat with pot: migraines and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Creativity was the most sought-after effect from marijuana use, according to Leafly’s numbers crunching. Other popular effects: happiness, euphoria, energy and relaxation.
Joel Jennings, owner of Five Zero Trees, a medical marijuana dispensary in Southeast Portland, wasn’t surprised by the popularity of Blue Dream, which he described as a "lighter variety" of pot. While Blue Dream is a popular search term for Leafly users, more potent strains such as Girl Scout Cookies (the marijuana strain, not the famous treat), Obama Kush and OG Kush fly off the shelves at faster rates, he said.
Still, medical marijuana grower Jim Murphy called Blue Dream a “special plant.”
“It’s super easy to grow so everybody grows it and because everybody is familiar with it it’s well known,” said Murphy, who lives in Eugene and owns TJ’s Organic Gardens. “Beginning growers can produce a fine quality product with Blue Dream. It’s always bulletproof.”
On a recent trip to Oregon's Finest, a Pearl District dispensary, a glass jar of Murphy's Blue Dream sat on the shelf. Its THC content: 17.5 percent.
Murphy, whose medical marijuana is also sold at Canna-Daddy's, a Southeast Portland dispensary, said the strain, which he described as "tasty" and "rich," is the victim of its own success.
“It’s everywhere,” he said. “That’s the beauty and the problem.”

“If you choose to consume, please do so responsibly.” 

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